Paint By Number

How do I frame paint by number canvas?

Diy Frame Steps

Framing a paint by number canvas gives your artwork a finished look and protects it for years to come. Here are the steps to frame your paint by number canvas:

### 1. **Choose the Right Frame**

- **Size**: Ensure the frame is the correct size for your canvas. The canvas should fit comfortably without bending or stretching.
- **Style**: Select a frame that complements your artwork. Consider the colors in the painting and the decor of the room where it will be displayed.

### 2. **Prepare the Canvas**

Before framing, make sure your painting is arid. Flatten the canvas to remove any wrinkles or creases using the methods discussed earlier (e.g., placing it under heavy books or ironing it with a protective layer) if needed.

### 3. **Stretch the Canvas (Optional but Recommended)**

If your frame is not standard or you want a more professional look, you might consider stretching the canvas over a wooden stretcher frame. Here's how:

- **Cut to Size**: Trim the canvas if it's significantly more significant than the stretcher frame. Leave enough edge to wrap around the frame.
- **Secure Corners First**: Place the canvas face down and position the stretcher frame over it, centering it. Staple one corner of the canvas to the back of the stretcher frame, then move to the opposite corner, pulling the canvas tight. Repeat for all four corners.
- **Work Your Way Around**: Continue to secure the canvas by stapling from the center out towards the corners, alternating sides to keep the tension even. Fold and tuck the corners neatly as you go.

### 4. **Insert into Frame**

If you're using a ready-made frame with a back panel:

- **Remove the Back Panel**: Take the back off the frame.
- **Place the Canvas**: If the canvas is stretched on a stretcher, you may place it into the frame. If it's not pushed, you might need to attach it to a rigid backing board first.
- **Secure the Canvas**: Use the clips or retaining brackets of the frame to secure the artwork in place. You can use small nails or points to hold everything together if there are none.

### 5. **Seal and Hang**

- **Seal the Back (Optional)**: For added protection, you can seal the back of the frame with craft paper. This keeps dust out and gives a clean finish.
- **Install Hanging Hardware**: Attach a hanging wire or bracket to the back of the frame if it doesn't already have one.
- **Ready to Hang**: Find the perfect spot on your wall, and you're ready to display your finished paint by numbers masterpiece.

### Things to Consider

- **Glass or No Glass**: Some people prefer to display their canvas paintings without glass to showcase the texture of the paint. If you use glass, ensure enough space between the glass and the artwork to prevent sticking or damage.
- **Choosing Material**: While wooden stretcher bars are commonly used for stretching, you can find other frames specifically designed for canvas paintings. These might provide a more straightforward solution if you're uncomfortable with stretching.

Diy Frame Steps

Framing your paint by number canvas protects your artwork and enhances its appearance, making it a proud addition to your home decor.

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