Paint By Number

Is painting by numbers cheating?

Painting by numbers is not considered "cheating" in the traditional sense, as it is not a practice that is meant to deceive or break the rules of a competition. Instead, painting by numbers is a guided form of art designed to be accessible to people of all skill levels. It allows them to enjoy painting without mastering the techniques required for creating a composition from scratch.

Here are some points to consider about the nature of painting by numbers:

1. **Purpose**: The primary goal of Paint by Numbers is to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience, not to produce original fine art. It's a hobby activity rather than a professional artistic endeavor.

2. **Learning Tool**: For beginners, painting by numbers can be an educational stepping stone that helps them understand the basics of painting, such as brush control, color application, and building up a painting.

3. **Artistic Value**: While painting by numbers may not require the same level of creativity or skill as painting from scratch, the finished product can still hold personal value and be a source of pride for the individual who completed it.

4. **Creative Expression**: Some individuals add their touches to paint-by-numbers projects, modifying colors or adding elements to the prescribed design, which can make the process more creative.

5. **Accessibility**: Paint by numbers makes art creation more accessible to those who might feel intimidated by the prospect of starting a painting on a blank canvas. It can help people discover a love for painting that they might not have explored otherwise.

In the art community and the broader context of artistic creation, the value lies in the artist's intention, process, and expression. Paint by Numbers is not about producing original artwork to be critiqued on artistic merit; instead, it's about personal enjoyment, relaxation, and the therapeutic benefits of engaging in a creative process.

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So, suppose the question of "cheating" is about authenticity in art. In that case, Paint by numbers is simply a different category—one that is more about the act of painting and less about the creation of original art. It's an enjoyable pastime for many, and there's no "cheating" in finding joy and satisfaction in a hobby.

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