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Should you stretch a paint by number canvas before painting?

Stretching a canvas before painting a paint-by-numbers kit is generally recommended, especially if you plan to display the finished painting as a traditional stretched canvas. Stretching the canvas ensures that it is flat and taut, which helps prevent wrinkles and sagging as the paint dries.

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However, many paint-by-numbers kits come with pre-primed and pre-stretched canvases, making stretching unnecessary for some. If unsure whether your kit includes a pre-stretched canvas, check the product description or contact the manufacturer.

If you need to stretch your canvas, you can use a canvas stretcher or frame purchased from an art supply store or online. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to stretch the canvas evenly and securely. Once the canvas is stretched, allow it to acclimate to room temperature for several hours before painting.

It's generally recommended to stretch your paint-by-numbers canvas before painting for several reasons:

  1. Prevents wrinkles and creases: Stretching the canvas helps remove any wrinkles or creases that may have formed during packaging or storage, providing a smooth, even surface for painting.
  2. More straightforward to paint: A taut, stretched canvas is more accessible, providing a stable, non-flexing surface. This can help you achieve more precise brush strokes and avoid accidental smudging or blending of colors.
  3. Better paint adhesion: When a canvas is stretched properly, the paint adheres better to the surface, reducing the risk of cracking or flaking as the paint dries.
  4. Professional appearance: A stretched canvas looks more professional and polished, especially when framed or displayed.

You'll need a wooden frame or stretcher bars designed for canvas stretching to stretch your paint-by-numbers canvas. Here's a basic process:

  1. Lay the canvas face-down on a clean, flat surface.
  2. Place the wooden frame or stretcher bars on the canvas, ensuring they are centered and straight.
  3. Fold the edges of the canvas over the frame and secure them with a staple gun, starting from the center of each side and working your way outwards. Keep the canvas taut as you staple.
  4. Continue stapling along all four sides, tugging the canvas gently to keep it tight and even.
  5. Once the canvas is fully stretched, trim any excess material along the edges for a clean look.

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