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10 of the best advanced paint by number kits

Are you a talented paint by number goer? Have you already finished multiple kits with flying colors? If so, chances are you’re ready to step up to the next level: advanced paint by number kits.

10 Of The Best Advanced Paint By Number KitsThe easy-to-follow nature of paint by number allows man, woman, child, and everyone in between to become their own Picasso – but that doesn’t mean some kits aren’t harder than others. We have a range of difficult paint by numbers kits that are most suitable for advanced painters, who are confident in their skills and abilities.

Try out these advanced paint by number kits for adults. You’ll be making professional paint by numbers before you know it.

Advanced Paint by Number Kits for Adults

Abstract Flowers Kit

First on our list of advanced paint by numbers is our Abstract Flowers Kit. With its intricate detailing and textured brushstrokes, this is a kit that’s definitely trickier to master. But we promise the end results will be totally worth it.

Mountain Landscape Kit

Another slightly more difficult paint by number is our Mountain Landscape Kit. Although the view is stunningly beautiful, getting there is a little bit of a trek. It’s the finer details of the grass and the reflection of the lake that might be hard to perfect. But we believe in you.

Paris Celebration Kit

Ever been on a romantic trip to Paris? If so, we have the perfect advanced paint by number for you: our Paris Celebration Kit. Depicting two clinking glasses of champagne, this is a painting that’ll help spark special memories of your trip to the most romantic city in the world. Perhaps it’s time for some reminiscing?

London Big Ben Kit

Another of our more advanced paint by numbers is the London Big Ben Kit. It’s the blending of the gloomy skies and the intricate detailing of Big Ben’s architecture that makes this one so difficult. But keep persevering, the end results are absolutely striking!

New York City Landscape Kit

There’s so much detail in our Traveling Woman kit – so much so that the finishing piece almost looks HD. Every aspect of the picture is defined beautifully, like the rolling clouds in the sky, the ornate architecture of the building, and the woven knitting of the dress. This is certainly one of our most classy kits.

Candy House Landscape Kit

While the others on this list have been paint by numbers for adults, this is an advanced paint by numbers for kids. There’s no reason why little ones can’t work their way up the difficulty scale, and we think this Candy House Landscape Kit is the perfect last stop before they move on to the bigger grown-up ones. Their mission is to master the blend of pink shades.

Abstract Woman Kit

Are you a fan of abstract paintings? If so, we have the perfect difficult paint by number: our Abstract Woman Kit. It’s the multi-color paint splatters and complex brushstrokes that make this one so testing. Definitely one of our most difficult paintings, so give this one a go if you’re up for a challenge.

Colorful Elephant Kit

Our Colorful Elephant Kit is a difficult paint by numbers kit simply because it’s a combination of vivid color and black and white monochrome. Might be tricky to merge the two styles together, so we recommend completing the black and white background first – and then moving on to the rainbow colors. This way the colors will really pop on the canvas.

Dandelion Flower Kit

Another challenge that’s among the most advanced paint by numbers is our flowers-themed Dandelion Flower Kit. The golden hues of the sunset are simply magnificent, but first, you’ve got to master your paintbrush skills. It’s the fine lines of the dandelion seed head that might be trickier to pull off – but all you need are a few miniature fine brushes. So invest in some if you want top-quality results.

Dog Basket Puppy Kit

Last on our list of the most difficult paint by numbers is one that everyone will love: the Dog Basket Puppy Kit. Not only is it adorably cute, but the high definition of the detailing also makes it one of our hardest to master. The lines, shapes, and colors are so defined that you can almost see every strand of hair.

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