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Is painting by numbers cheating or real art

Is Painting By Numbers Cheating Or Real Art

Although many consider paint-by-numbers cheating, they’re wrong. Art takes many forms, from painting to raw format, like sculpting. There’s no cheating to be done where there is an artist involved. So, is painting by numbers cheating? Do some people find paint-by-numbers easy? Or do they genuinely appreciate art? Let’s delve into some hidden truths about painting.

Is Painting By Numbers Cheating Or Real ArtWhat is Paint By Numbers? 

If you’ve heard of paint by numbers before but never challenged yourself, try not to get confused. Every paint by numbers kit comes with the basics, i.e., colors, brushes, and pre-drawn canvas. But, the kits only come with one set of each. So, if you lose anything or mess up badly, you’d have to buy another kit. You see, that’s the beauty of painting by numbers. There’s no such thing as making mistakes or ruining your image. All blips can be quickly restored. The idea of the kits is to help beginner artists, or those with slightly less experience, improve their work and boost their confidence in painting.

Cheating in Art: Can it Be Done? 

Whoever said cheating in art could be done was wrong. All artists are unique, no matter their experience. Some use painting by numbers to help them develop and progress, while others use them as the baseline for their masterpiece. After all, you are still painting a picture – and creating something beautiful depends on your commitment to art.

In essence, paint-by-numbers kits come with pre-drawn canvases that signify a meaning personal to the artist – just like every other piece of art. Though your painting may be sketched by somebody else, you chose that particular painting for a reason: something personal to you or just something you love. The point is, without your brush and paints, the canvas would still display a sketch. Again, sketchwork is still a form of art, but with no color. You add that to the painting. As an artist, you bring the image to life.

Is Paint By Numbers Cheating?

Despite the common thread, painting by numbers isn’t cheating. Without skills and a keen eye for art, you’d be stuck with a pre-drawn canvas and no color. But, a painting is what you make it. You can follow the step-by-step guide in your kit and still create something beautifully unique. Or you could learn new tricks, like blending your paints. Combining your colors into a subtle fade will bring your painting to life and prove that you can add your twist to the image by numbers.

How Painting By Numbers Works

Experienced and beginner painters dabble with paint by numbers kits as they have everything they need to complete the painting. But there’s also the instructions if they struggle. Here’s a brief run-through of how painting by numbers works:

  • Pick your paint by numbers kit.

Either go simple or challenge yourself to something more complex.

  • Each painting is marked into sections and numbered.

For example, 1 – 10 if there are ten sections, or 1 – 50 if there are fifty sections.

  • Unpack your kit and lay everything out.
  • Look through your instructions if you’re new to painting by numbers.
  • Start at the beginning (section 1) and find the matching color. 
  • Load your brush, and get painting! 

It is simple, even for beginners. But you don’t have to stick to what’s in the kit. You can add your twist to the painting if you’re confident that you know what you’re doing.

You can also blend your acrylics to make your artwork stand out. Better yet, you can return to different sections and take your time. There’s no rush.

What Makes Someone An Artist? 

Art conveys an intimacy that no words can comprehend. It communicates to us in many different ways, and only those who appreciate fine art will understand the valid message behind a painting. More importantly, art isn’t just paintings of portraits and landscapes – there’s more to art than that. An artist is someone with a hidden talent who can convey a message without speaking. A true artist seeks to improve their work, no matter how beautiful it looks.

Paint By Numbers Easy: Creating Beautiful Art

Painting by numbers isn’t cheating – it’s still painting, just in numbered sections. Your artistic skills depend on your ability to create an image that your audience will understand and appreciate. It's not just your ability to create something pretty and easy to look at. There are plenty of easy paint-by-numbers kits to choose from, all of which will help you create beautiful and unique art. And remember, no two paintings are the same in the hands of individual artists.

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