Paint By Number

How difficult are adults paint by numbers

Those inexperienced in painting may find an easy paint-by-numbers set for adults, which is the perfect choice. Such kits typically require less time and precision due to the fewer details and larger spaces needed to fill in.

Painting by number can be a great way to entertain yourself or spend time with family. The difficulty level varies depending on the number and size of the rooms; the more manageable the set is, the smoother the pattern will be. Regardless of the problem, the result will look great and be a beautiful painting made by your hands.

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Experienced artists face challenging painting projects

Enhance your painting talents with our collection of demanding Paint by Numbers. If you enjoy a challenge, then this is the selection for you. To practice more complex approaches, such as understanding shading or the application of texture to a painting, try doing so without the pressure of beginning from nothing.

What dimensions are the paintings for senior paint-by-number kits?

You can unleash your inner artist with our Extra Large Paint by Numbers selection—a great way to create a masterpiece without the complexity. Even better, it is the perfect starting point to make your work of art. Our paintings come in sizes up to 27.5in x 55in.

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