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How to Choose the Right Photo for Custom Paint by Numbers

Choosing the right image to start is the most significant step while ordering custom paint by numbers. So, how can we ensure the photo you selected is the best?

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  • The Quality of the Image & the Size

Well, first things first! The image quality is one of the most crucial things in custom number photos.

No tool can magically change a low-quality picture into a high-quality one. Perhaps in the future, because one can always hope for the best.

If you use a low-quality photo for custom paint by number, the result will disappoint you.

Now, on to the few technical details!

The default size of the custom paint-by-numbers kit is 40x50 cm or 16x20 inches. If the image has 72PPI, the image resolution should be 1152x1440pxwhere DPI/PPI stands for Pixels per inch and DPI for dots per inch.

If the image has 96 dpi, the resolution of the image should be 1536x1920px.

What is Pixel, DPI, and PPI?

pixel is a single smallest part of an image. If a body is made of small cells, a digital image is made of pixels.

DPI and PPI are sometimes used interchangeably and represent the density of pixels in an inch. If an image is horizontal 72dpi, there are 72 pixels on the x-axis of an inch in the image. You can check these details on any photograph by doing the following:

  1. Right-click on the image, and a dropdown list will appear.
  2. Click on properties at the bottom of the list.
  3. Click on details on the window's top menu below the title bar.
  4. Scroll down a bit, and all details will appear.

Digital images can usually have a density of 72dpi to 300dpi. A higher dpi means the image quality is high.

If you order a 40x50cm standard-size custom PBN, we recommend choosing a clear photo with a resolution of 800x1000 pixels.

An important technical detail to remember is that a big-sized image, such as 500x500 pixels, can be blurry.

The last thing we need is a blurry image. A smaller vision is inherently blurred, so choosing a photo lower than 500x625px (pixels) is not recommended.

We'll be able to finish your work once you have provided us with a clear image. Our expert designer will take care of the rest of the stuff.

Let’s look at how we prepare your photos for custom kits.

How can this be Avoided?

 For Windows:

  1. First of all, please take a look at the image file on your computer.
  2. Right-click on the image and select ‘Properties.’
  3. Click on ‘Details.’
  4. Check the image's width and height in pixels to ensure each dimension is more significant than 750 pixels. Anything lesser than this will cause pixelation.

For Mac:

  1. Right-click on the file in “Finder.”
  2. Click “Get Info”
  3. Under “More Info,” you can find the dimensions (pixels) of the image.
  4. Check for the image width and height in pixels to ensure each dimension is more significant than 750 pixels to prevent any pixelation.

After checking this, if the image size is more significant than 750 pixels, you can move to the next tip! If not, we recommend that you find a new one.

  • Keeping the Background Simple

Having a background with less noise and clutter is a good idea. The reason is that when your photo converts to a PBN image, it only has 24 colors. If there is too much noise in the background, your main subject will probably lose some of its details.

Moreover, choose a photo with fewer subjects, like if you want a friend’s group picture or a family reunion photo; 4-5 people are enough for a detailed and precise PBN image.

The image you choose should have a blurred background with only a few details and colors to avoid overshadowing the subject.

  • Focus on the Main Subject

Your image should take up most of the space of your image. This is why it is suggested that before creating a custom kit, you should crop out all the extra background to ensure that the subject matter is the main focus of your image, taking up at least 70% of the details.

  • Colors & Shading

Choosing vibrant and high-contrast colors is essential, as they can decide between an excellent paint-by-number kit and a mediocre one.

For instance, color contrasts are significant. If your kit is mostly in one color, it might turn out differently. The best kits are made with images with distinct background colors compared to the subject matter. This will allow the subject matter to dominate rather than the image's background. It is also wise to avoid ‘white’ as it creates an optical illusion.

The thing is that the human eye and computer do not see colors in the same shades. So, if we see something white, the software might see it as beige or light grey. White also lacks high contrast, which is unsuitable for the best PBN image.

  • The Aspect Ratio

The image for making your kit should have the same aspect ratio as the canvas you ordered.

What would happen if you ordered a 40x50cm painting and sent a square-sized photo with that?

Can you fit a square painting in a rectangular frame? In the same way, you can’t do a square photo in a 40x50cm custom paint-by-number kit.

So, what could we do with Your Photo?

We will examine the image and see if you can crop some extra details without affecting the picture's subject matter.

We will crop the image to match the ratio of the ordered custom painting, and the problem will be solved.

You could do that, too, if you wanted. Let’s show you how:

  1. Right-click on the photo, and a dropdown list will appear.
  2. Click on “edit with photos."
  3. Find and click on the “Aspect Ratio” on the right sidebar near the upper right corner of the Photos application window.
  4. Select 10:8 from the dropdown list (This is the same aspect ratio as 5:4, 4:5, or 40x50cm)
  5. You can rotate, flip, straighten, and change the photo's place before saving the final cropped copy of the image.

Photoshop offers the same functions, but photos are more complex.

If you remember all the above tips, you are ready to paint your next fantastic masterpiece! You can take our guidance to ensure your images are optimized carefully before our custom kit is produced and sent to you!

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