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How to Remove Wrinkles From Paint by Numbers Canvas

We know you’ve been scratching your heads over this vexing question, i.e., “How to fix wrinkles,” so here we are perpetually to help you overcome this nuisance. Wrinkles/creases are normal owing to numbers and lines printed all over the canvas. Nevertheless, it is quite a daunting task to keep them at bay. Also, some wrinkles & creases can be expected during shipping but can be removed easily. Our team of experts has rolled out the perfect list of methods to eliminate this trouble.

How To Remove Wrinkles From Paint By Numbers Canvas5 Magical Methods to Remove Wrinkles from Paint by Numbers Canvas

Method 1: Ironing


  • An iron
  • A piece of cloth
  • Paint by numbers canvas


  1. Place the paint-by-numbers canvas on a flat surface.
  2. Cover the canvas with a cloth to protect it from direct heat.
  3. Preheat the iron to a low temperature.
  4. Press the iron gently over the wrinkles on the canvas.
  5. Continue ironing until the wrinkles disappear.
  6. Allow the canvas to cool down before painting.

Method 2: Steaming


  • A steam iron or a handheld steamer
  • Paint by numbers canvas


  1. Place the paint-by-numbers canvas on a flat surface.
  2. Fill the water reservoir of the steam iron or handheld steamer.
  3. Preheat the steamer to a low temperature.
  4. Hold the steamer close to the wrinkles on the canvas.
  5. Move the steamer back and forth over the wrinkles.
  6. Continue steaming until the wrinkles disappear.
  7. Allow the canvas to cool down before painting.

Method 3: Damp Towel Method


  • A damp towel
  • Paint by numbers canvas


  1. Place the paint-by-numbers canvas on a flat surface.
  2. Dampen the towel with water and wring it out until damp but not soaking wet.
  3. Lay the damp towel over the wrinkles on the canvas.
  4. Gently press down on the towel to transfer moisture to the canvas.
  5. Allow the towel to sit on the canvas for a few hours.
  6. Remove the towel and allow the canvas to air dry.
  7. If any wrinkles remain, repeat the process.

Method 4: Hair Dryer


  • A hair dryer
  • Paint by numbers canvas


  1. Place the paint-by-numbers canvas on a flat surface.
  2. Set the hair dryer to a low heat and low speed setting.
  3. Hold the hair dryer close to the wrinkles on the canvas.
  4. Use your hand to smooth out the wrinkles as you blow warm air on them.
  5. Continue blowing warm air and smoothing out the wrinkles until they disappear.
  6. Allow the canvas to cool down before painting.

Method 4: Heating Pad


  • Heating pad
  • Paint by numbers canvas
  • Water spray bottle


  1. Lay the paint-by-numbers canvas flat on a table or other flat surface.
  2. Fill the water spray bottle with water and lightly mist the wrinkles on the canvas. This will help to loosen them.
  3. Place the heating pad on the canvas, covering the wrinkled areas.
  4. Turn on the heating pad and set it to a low or medium temperature. Allow the place to heat up for a few minutes.
  5. Leave the heating pad on the canvas for 15-20 minutes. This will allow the heat to penetrate the canvas and relax the wrinkles.
  6. After 15-20 minutes, turn off the heating pad and remove it from the canvas.
  7. Use your hands to smooth out any remaining wrinkles gently. If you need it, please lightly mist the canvas with the water spray bottle again.
  8. Allow the canvas to dry completely before painting.

Note: Be careful not to overheat the canvas or leave the heating pad on too long, as this could damage the paint or canvas. Always use a low or medium heat setting and monitor the canvas closely while using the heating pad method.

The things that you should do:

  • Always use the #1 superhero to fight the wrinkles, i.e., iron. Every paint-by-number enthusiast recommends using a splash of water droplets before ironing. Always apply the iron weight and press down firmly, but don’t let the iron stay in place for too long, as it might accidentally wipe off the lines or numbers.
  • Always stretch your canvas and make it taut. This way, you’d never see any wrinkles whatsoever. A simple trick here is to use masking tape to ply it across the canvas's edges and tape it facedown onto a flat surface.
  • Always use a damp cloth to fight off wrinkles (If you cannot eradicate them using the above tips). It works wonders when applied on the backside of the canvas. Once you’ve caressed the wrinkles from the bottom using a damp cloth, iron it instantly and experience the magic.
  • Always place a cotton towel beneath your canvas before spraying water droplets or ironing over it to prevent scorching or dampening.
  • If you’re sick of ironing, always use a heating pad to remove any lurking wrinkles. Always ensure you sandwich the heating pad between two layers of towels and then place the canvas on top of that towel. Your canvas should be facing toward you and not toward the heating pad beneath it.
  • Always ensure you don’t unnecessarily roll your canvas while storing. Rolling contributes most towards the nuisance of wrinkles. The use of a flat surface or the use of prolific framing techniques is recommended to cope with wrinkles.

The things that you shouldn’t do:

  • Never make a habit of using excess water and steam. You might stumble onto many false narratives that state otherwise, but you shouldn’t use a lot of moisture or water to combat the wrinkles. Many enthusiasts fell prey to the false report and lost the numbers and lines of their canvas.
  • Never iron on the front side(We repeat “NEVER!”) Suppose you’re naïve enough to iron your face up instead of ironing on the backside. In that case, you’ll end up smearing the paints all over the canvas, which could potentially blemish the ink over the canvas and consequently destroy your masterpiece.
  • Never use a heating pad without towels on either side because it can potentially burn your canvas upon direct contact.
  • If you’re a growing enthusiast, never use an iron or heating pad without parental guidance or supervision.
  • Never face the canvas towards the heating pad. The labels present on the masterpiece might wipe off and evaporate.
  • Last, NEVER Compromise with or get accustomed to wrinkles. Know there’s always a way out; wrinkles are your worst nemesis.

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