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Is paint by numbers a good way to start painting

Do you paint by numbers but wonder if painting will be just as enjoyable? Is this a hobby for kids or adults? You don't know what activity to do in your spare time after work?

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Please don't panic; we are passionate about this subject and know how to help you decide.

What is a painting by numbers?

Painting by number is a hobby that involves painting (numbered) the canvas area with paint (often acrylic). Usually, your kit comes with everything you need to do this activity (canvas, brush, paints kits, sometimes DIY Frame), a guide, and a picture showing you the final result.

More precisely, the composition of the paint-by-numbers kits is as follows

A canvas
Pots of paint numbered (corresponding to each area on the canvas)
Three brushes of different sizes. A large brush is for large rooms, a medium brush is for a small space, and a small brush is for a small space.
A DIY Frame (depending on the kit chosen): You will receive a frame to assemble yourself.
A step-by-step guide on how to do this art activity.
A picture that will show you what the final result should look like.
Paint by number often needs to be clarified with diamond embroidery, which is different. Diamond embroidery is the art of assembling small shiny squares (of different colors) on a canvas to reproduce a pattern or a painting that shines with a thousand lights.

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Why this is one of the best ways to start painting
Paint by number does give you a start in the image. That's because you get everything you need to paint immediately when you order the kits.

As you know, painting is one of the seven art forms. Producing works recognized by the whole world requires a lot of time and work. Indeed, each painting technique requires work hours to be recognized as the best in its field. Moreover, the type of paint is also crucial because acrylic paint does not behave the same way as oil paint.

Starting from a blank canvas and creating a real work from scratch will require a lot of time to get the right touch. Covering a blank canvas with different paints is a challenge.

Painting by number is an excellent way to begin painting. It is a fun activity that you will love. Indeed, you will have the possibility to choose your kit from a large selection or to choose a custom painting.

A few tips on how to do this activity
As we have seen in the previous sections, painting this way is a great technique to help you get started with this art.

Below are the best paint-by-numbers tips for this activity:

Choose a flat, clear surface to perform this hobby.
Keep a glass of water nearby to rinse the brushes after each use. However, remove as much water as possible before dipping the brushes into the acrylic paint.
Please ensure the tool is clean before dipping it into a different color paint.
Start with the darkest colors and end with the lightest shades. Wait for the paint to dry before painting the surrounding areas. This will give you a better result and avoid color mixing.
Close the paint cans after each use to prevent the paint from drying.
Use gesso: Gesso can be applied directly to the canvas. It makes the surface smoother and more adherent while reducing the absorption of the paint by the support. Today, gesso is available in white, black, or transparent colors. People use gesso at a more advanced level.
Cover the numbers with white paint to prevent the number from being visible.
Keep in the habit of painting one color at a time.
Could you clean your brush after each use? It is essential to clean the utensils well after using them.
If, unfortunately, the paint is dry in a jar, you can add a couple of drops of water to make it more liquid.
As you can see, paint by numbers is the best way to learn the art of painting.

One of the kids or even adults can practice this fun activity because it is relatively easy (depending on the chosen model).

We offer a wide selection of kits representing the themes you love, or opt for a custom paint by numbers.

Discover them now by clicking the image below and becoming a great artist.

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