Paint By Number

Paint by Numbers Instructions to Succeed

If you start it wrong, a painting by numbers can be ruined. If you make several mistakes, catching up will be challenging. But you want to make sure to take advantage of your future masterpiece.

Paint By Numbers Instructions To SucceedPlease don't panic; we are passionate about this subject and know how to help you. I'd like to discover how to make your paint-by-numbers project a success every time.

1. Choose and prepare your work area

You just received your paint-by-numbers kits. Before you begin this activity, choosing and preparing your environment is essential. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to do before you start:

  • Find a comfortable and well-lit room to paint in: Our store has a wide choice of paint by numbers. However, there are some very detailed kits among our products, which means that the areas to be painted are smaller. For this reason, we recommend putting yourself in a well-lit area to see all the details of your paint by numbers.
  • Choose a comfortable desk or table to paint on: You will spend many hours painting, so choosing a space where you will be pleased is essential.
  • Clear the area of anything you don't want to damage: This will help you avoid messing up your surroundings.
  • Take a picture of your blank canvas: Take a picture of the final image of your paint-by-numbers.
  • Prepare a small amount of water with some tissues (paper towels). It is essential to keep your brushes wet but not too wet so they don't dry out during the activity.

2. Paint by numbers instructions

Once you have chosen your workspace and prepared the canvas, it is time to start your masterpiece.

a. Do one number at a time

This activity involves matching each paint can number with the pre-numbered area on the canvas. We strongly recommend using one number at a time to prevent the paints from drying out (this would make it unusable). This method has two advantages:

  • It reduces the amount of rinsing the brush between each number. It allows you to clean your brushes less often.
  • It allows the paint to dry on the canvas before moving on to another color. It avoids mixing the two acrylic paints that would be too fresh.

b. Start from the top down

To avoid smudging, we recommend starting your paint by numbers from the top to the bottom of the canvas. For example, if you start with the number 7, you paint all areas with that number from the top down.

c. Paint from left to right or vice versa?

We would suggest that you paint according to your dominant hand. Indeed, the direction depends on whether you are right or left-handed:

  • Right-handed: we advise you to paint from left to right.
  • Left-handed people: we advise you to paint from right to left.

d. Start with the darkest color

We recommend starting with the darkest colors and ending with the lightest shades.

The darker colors are usually part of the background and will help you create an outline that will give you a general idea of the image you are painting. You can go ahead and continue with the smaller areas as soon as you finish the set.

e. Use the tip of your brush

Dip only the tip of your brush. This trick will help you gain precision and help you stay within the lines.

It will also keep the paint in the rest of the brush from drying (in the bristles closest to the handle). This trick will save you paint, so you'll have more left over for touch-ups on your work.

Also, this technique will make it much easier to rinse your brush between colors.

f. Start with the most significant areas

It is essential to start with the larger areas and end with the small spaces. This method has two advantages:

  • It will give you an initial idea of the final result.
  • This method will save you time and help you avoid accidental smudging.

g. Close the paint cans after each use

Paint by numbers involves covering the numbers on the canvas with the corresponding paint. As shown earlier, doing one digit at a time is important. When you are finished with a color, it is essential to reseal the canister to avoid ending up with dry paint.

h. Put in enough paint

Putting on enough paint to cover the numbers and lines is essential. Feel free to put on several layers of paint. However, be careful how much paint you use so you stay supplied.

3. To conclude

As you can see, painting by numbers is a relaxing activity. Little by little, you will love painting.

Now that you have these paint-by-numbers tips, you are an expert at this activity without fear of making irreparable mistakes.

We offer you the opportunity to choose from our wide selection of paint by numbers.

Start your first painting now by clicking on the image below.

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